How to use our customizer – Noted and Charmed

 Start by clicking the Customize Button

This will take you to the Customize Page.

If you would like to explore our other brands or shirts or change the style (such as Men's to Women's) click anywhere on the customizer screen other then the shirt.

This will open up the colors available on the shirt.  Select your desired color. and choose size and quantity .

The menu on the left allows you to browse our other product that you can apply this design too.

Notice that your Size and Color options pop up once you click off the item you are editing.

 Changing the side (front/Back) that is being printed.

Most of our shirts start with the image on the back of the shirt.   To Move it to the front of the shirt, simply drag and drop it to the small image at the bottom that says front;

 The small white dot at the corner allows you to resize the image, but make sure you place it exactly where you want it.  You can also rotate the image. or use the trash can icon on the other side to delete the image.  If you accidently delete it, you can always go back to the original page and select customize again.

Adding to an existing design

You can add text by selecting the side of the shirt you wish to apply it to and selecting the text icon on the left.

Adding your image is easy. Just select the upload button and this window appears.

You can click the purple upload button and find the file on your hard drive or simply drag and drop in the left side of the window.

The size of your image will determine how large your image will appear on the shirt.  300 dpi with the smallest size at 11" or larger work the best.  

Making a shirt that is Uniquely yours.  

Delete the current image and design away.  Keep in mind the price includes the printing of one items.  Additional Items are $5.00 each.




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